Hagerstown Man Claims $510,000 Multi-Match Ticket

One of nine Multi-Match jackpot winners in 2023

In the span of four Multi-Match drawings between Oct. 12 and Oct. 23, three Maryland Lottery players matched all six numbers and took home the jackpot. One of those winners, a Hagerstown resident, claimed his $510,000 prize at Lottery headquarters on Oct. 26.

The Washington County retailer who sold the $510,000 winning ticket can celebrate, too. Old Orchard Liquors located at 17619 Virginia Avenue in Hagerstown will receive a $1,000 bonus.

The two other winning tickets remain unclaimed. A $630,000 jackpot-winning ticket was sold for the Oct. 12 drawing at the Eagles Nest on Herman Highway in Chesapeake City, and a $500,000 ticket from the Oct. 23 drawing was purchased at Seabrook BP in Seabrook.

There have been nine Multi-Match jackpot wins in 2023. Six Multi-Match jackpots were won in 2022 and there were five jackpot winners in 2021.