Lucky License Plate Number Gives Beltsville Man a $50,000 Pick 5 Prize

“Rocky” of Beltsville found his lucky Pick 5 numbers on a license plate.

‘Rocky’ follows up Friday win with $500 Sunday Pick 3 success

Lady Luck took a real shine to a Beltsville grandfather, giving him a $50,000 prize on a Pick 5 ticket last week and then another $500 two days later on a Pick 3 ticket.

The daily Lottery player, who works in the construction industry, favors the Lottery’s numbers games along with Multi-Match and national jackpot games. Deciding to remain anonymous, the 48-year-old selected the nickname “Rocky” to go by as he told the story of winning the biggest prize of his life.

“Rocky” visited 7-Eleven #11569 in Beltsville on Friday, Sept. 29 to place a $1 straight bet on the number 55373 for the evening Pick 5 drawing. The Prince George’s County store is one of his favorite Lottery retailers. He’d seen that number on a license plate and simply decided to try his luck.

The evening drawing came and went, and “Rocky” pulled out his smartphone. “I check my tickets after every drawing,” he said, demonstrating how he uses the Lottery mobile app to look over the winning numbers. That night, the numbers came up on his phone screen and he slowly revealed each of the Pick 5 winning numbers, one at a time. His excitement grew as his ticket matched one, two, three and then all five numbers!

The happy father of two and grandfather of one shared the great news with his joyful wife. He later went back to the 7-Eleven to scan the ticket to verify his big win. When “Rocky” saw the amount confirmed on the ticket checker, he left the store. “I was very quiet,” he said.

“Rocky” plans to save both the $50,000 and $500 prizes for a rainy day.

His lucky Lottery retailer can also celebrate his big win. For selling a $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket, the store located at 11422 Cherry Hill Road earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery.