Hanover Man Inches His Way to $50,000 Pick 5 Prize

 Winner is “having fun” as he wins top-prize

An Anne Arundel County resident who used the same number to win small Pick 5 prizes kept playing until he scored a $50,000 top prize.

The loyal player was using 81248 when he won $400 and $800 in occasional drawings so he decided to keep playing the number in $1 straight bets. Then, he saw that his five-digit number came out on the March 23 midday drawing.

“I was a little surprised that it came out straight,” he said.

The Washington D.C. government worker said there was no significance to the number. He first received it as a quick-pick number and began replaying it after winning small prizes.

The Hanover man plans to use the prize to pay bills and will put the rest in the bank. He also likes to visit casinos and explained he has a set budget for his games. The lucky winner encourages all Lottery and casino players to have fun and only spend money they can afford to lose. He treats his Lottery and casino play as a hobby and not as a habit.

“I don’t take these games seriously and don’t get upset if I don’t win. It is something to do,” he said.

Parkway Texaco at 2739 Annapolis Road in Hanover is also happy about the win. Since it sold the $50,000-winning ticket, the Anne Arundel County retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.