Hot Java Purchase Leads Dundalk Man to Sizzling $50,036 Keno Prize

Retired police officer claims big win on 8-spot Super Bonus ticket

The need for a hot cup of coffee put “Mark’s Friend” of Dundalk in the right place at the right time to win $50,036 playing Keno.

The retired police officer, who chose the nickname “Mark’s Friend” to tell the story of his Lottery luck, stumbled upon his fortune while at the building housing Rosedale Shell, Express Mart and Dunkin’ Donuts in Baltimore.

“Mark’s Friend” has played Maryland Lottery games for over two decades, initially favoring scratch-offs until a $5,000 win several years ago prompted his switch to Keno. Known for his superstitions, the Baltimore County resident selects numbers that hold personal meaning, such as family birthdays, or will play digits with special meanings involving his wife.

On July 3, he bought his coffee and an 8-spot Keno ticket, adding the Super Bonus option for 10 drawings. His numbers appeared in the eighth drawing, which had a 5X Super Bonus. When he discovered his win, “Mark’s Friend” couldn’t believe his eyes and asked a store clerk to verify the $50,036 prize.

“It’s not every day you win money like that, so I didn’t believe him at first.” After getting the happy news confirmed that he had indeed won the big prize, “Mark’s Friend” hurried home to share the incredible news with his son.

When asked about his plans for the windfall, “Mark’s Friend” said, smiling, “I’ll pay off a few bills, buy my dream truck and stash the rest in savings.” He intends to continue playing Lottery games, the winner said. “I’ll stick with these lucky numbers and maybe lightning will strike twice!”

The Lottery retailer that sold the winning ticket will also share in the excitement. Rosedale Shell located at 7514 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore will receive a $500.36 Lottery bonus, which is based on 1% of the prize.