Husband’s Last-Minute Purchase Delivers $50,000 Powerball Prize

Scores third-tier win in Feb. 6 drawing

A Baltimore County wife who regularly buys the couple’s Lottery tickets came to a startling realization while in the Winner’s Circle room at Lottery headquarters celebrating a $50,000 Powerball win. Both times that she and her husband won big prizes, he was the one who bought the tickets!

They were newlyweds three decades ago when they won $1,000 playing Lotto on a ticket he purchased. “We were within one digit of winning $3 million,” he recalled.

On Feb. 6, she was working late at a retail crafts store when he stopped by to help her with something. She remembered she hadn’t bought Powerball tickets for that night’s drawing and wanted to because the jackpot had passed the $700 million mark. “I sent him to buy them,” she recalled. “It was late. He was cranky and didn’t want to get them.”

The husband laughed, and said he also needed to buy gas that night so he drove to 7-Eleven #32287 at 3731 Crondall Lane in Owings Mills. The certified public accountant fueled up his vehicle and went inside the store to buy two $10 tickets for the drawing that was only hours away.

The husband gave his wife the quick-pick tickets and neither of them checked the winning numbers after that night’s drawing. The wife usually does so once a week and then will buy new tickets with any winnings. Thursday rolled around and that’s when she got “a push” to scan the tickets using the Lottery app on her smartphone.

“I was at work yesterday, in the middle of the day, and something said, ‘You should check your tickets. I think you won,’” she recalled. She scanned them using her phone and saw a message to see the Lottery. She then checked the winning numbers for the drawing and realized Lottery luck had arrived! Again, they missed a jackpot by one digit and, again, her lucky husband was the one who bought the ticket that delivered a big prize. A single ticket in the state of Washington won the $754.6 million jackpot in the Feb. 6 drawing.

She phoned her husband to share the great news. “I was in shock,” he said. “I looked it up online and said, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of money!’” This is his busy season doing taxes so the pair will take a nice vacation later using some of the prize.