Intuition, Address Numbers Lead to $25,000 Pick 5 Win

Mechanicsville woman celebrating brush with Lottery luck

A series of lucky numbers and a lucky feeling were all it took to win big, according to a retired healthcare worker from St. Mary’s County. She followed her lucky feelings all the way to a $25,000 prize playing the Lottery’s Pick 5 game.

Since the game launched in February, the 60-year-old says she has played Pick 5 occasionally.

“I only play when I’m feeling lucky and always with my lucky number,” said the winner.   The Mechanicsville resident told Lottery officials that she has become more attuned to that combination since she missed winning big just two months before. “My number came out boxed when I wasn’t playing,” she said.

This time, she played 40770 in the May 17 evening drawing and May 18 midday drawing, using digits cobbled together from familiar addresses. She placed her 50-cent straight bet at Third Base in Loveville and discovered her fortune last week while reviewing the drawing results with her husband. When she saw that same familiar 40770 as the winning number, she knew luck had come to call.

“I turned to him and told him, ‘I think I’m a winner!’” The retiree is thankful for the extra funds, now that she is on a fixed income. Her plans for the prize are simple – she plans to save it.

“My bills are paid, so the winnings will most likely go in my savings,” she said.

The retailer that sold the lucky ticket has reason to celebrate, too. Third Base at 28085 Point Lookout Road in St. Mary’s County will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $25,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.

Players could have a chance to try the Maryland Lottery’s newest Pick game for free during the Maryland Lottery’s Try Pick 5 promotion. Now through June 5, players who buy any game other than scratch-offs are eligible to win a free 50-cent straight quick-pick Pick 5 ticket. A congratulations message will print on the top of purchased tickets and on free tickets, which are issued at random.