Jackpot Chaser from Clinton Wins $50,000 on Ca$h Multiplier Scratch-Off

Playing routine yields big win even as pursuit of Mega Millions jackpot continues

He’s a regular player when it comes to the big jackpot games Mega Millions and Powerball, but the Clinton man’s biggest win – $50,000 – came on a Ca$h Multiplier scratch-off.

“I was taking my chances and buying a couple of tickets,” he said on July 27 after claiming his top prize on the $5 game. While his usual Lottery purchases are jackpot games, he spends $40 to $60 about once a month on scratch-offs as a diversion.

The Prince George’s County resident reflected on his win, recounting how he was at Brother Liquors in Fort Washington and thinking, while looking at the scratched-off ticket, “Something doesn’t look right. Someone is trying to prank me.”

But it wasn’t a prank! The instant ticket didn’t look like others he had checked for a win because it was, indeed, a top-prize winner. He confirmed his Lottery luck by scanning the scratch-off prize check area at Brother Liquors.

In his two-plus decades of playing, the happy man said he has won relatively small amounts – $20 here, $50 there and once even $500 – but nothing approaching his Ca$h Multiplier score. While he’s always hopeful when he plays, that’s not the reason behind it.

“It’s the thrill. You can’t win ’em all!” he said.

The loyal player plans to sock half of his winnings into his savings, shore up his financial situation with some of the balance, and “set a little aside for fun.” Specifically, he’s going to have some custom work done on his Can Am three-wheel motorcycle.

Asked if he’ll keep on playing, he said: “Yeah! I need that Mega Millions!

Sharing in the good times is Brother Liquors at 12788-B Old Fort Road. The Prince George’s County business receives a bonus of $500, equal to 1% of the prize total, from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.