Keno Fan From Baltimore has 30,000 New Reasons to Enjoy the Game

Five-digit score on eight-spot play helps pay off car, daughter’s tuition

A Keno enthusiast from Baltimore hit for $30,000 on Nov. 14 by betting $2 on an eight-spot game for two games in a row. He added the Bonus multiplier to the quick-pick ticket and Lottery luck did the rest.

“I just like to play,” he said, while claiming his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. There’s a social aspect — “I talk to people and shoot the breeze” — and, for this winner, it’s relaxing to play Keno.

The win was a bit of a social event, too. When he looked at his ticket, the loyal player thought it might be a winner. He checked it and at first glance thought it was a nice win of $300. When he looked again, he realized just how big his prize was. The happy player showed the clerk the lucky ticket to share his excitement.

The extra $30,000 will add a little ease to the lives of the winner and his family. He plans to help his daughter with tuition bills, pay off his car loan early and save for a vacation.

“My wife is interested in going to Napa (California),” he said.

As far as short-term celebrations go, he is pondering the purchase of a nice bottle of bourbon to enjoy over the coming weeks. This prize is by far his biggest Lottery score, but he plans to continue enjoying his Keno games and hoping to repeat the thrill of a big win.

His lucky Lottery retailer, Hamilton News at 5438 Harford Road in Baltimore, receives a Lottery bonus of $300, equal to 1% of the prize, for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more.