New Laurel Grandparents Stunned by Powerball Win

$50,000 prize will fund years of ‘spoiling’ grandkids

Two of Maryland’s newest residents don’t yet know it, but they’ll soon be on the receiving end of every kind of treat, gift and fun activity possible. Grandparents to the recently arrived additions to the family will make sure of it. Their $50,000 Powerball win on Nov. 11 will finance their endeavors.

“We buy tickets once a week,” the Prince George’s County pair told Lottery officials, “Multi-Match, Mega Millions and Powerball.” Understanding as they do that each game’s odds of winning big are tough to beat, they pick these games specifically. “We want to be in every drawing, because eventually, somebody wins the jackpot. Might as well be us.”

Grandad realized that Lottery luck had visited when he stopped at the Glenn Dale Mini-Mart. “I scan my tickets from the previous week before I buy more for the coming week,” he explained. “My hands started shaking when I saw what we’d won. Even after standing there in shock for a minute or two, I had a real hard time pressing the right buttons on the vending machine to buy tickets for this week.”

When the third-tier $50,000 Powerball win was starting to feel real to him and he was calm enough to do so, he called home with the news. “My wife absolutely refused to believe me. Now, I am known as a bit of a joker, but I wouldn’t kid about something like this!”

They plan to welcome the two newcomers in grand style with their winnings. There may be a new car in the couple’s driveway soon, too.

Their lucky Lottery retailer is located at 11002 Lanham Severn Road. The $50,000 prize our Laurel grandparents took home can be had by matching four of the game’s five white balls and the final Power Ball.