Landover Woman Seeing Green after Impulse Buy of Extreme Green Game

Plans to shop for a new car with $50,000 scratch-off prize

A 52-year-old housekeeper from Prince George’s County was simply passing by a 7-Eleven store back in July when the thought came to go in to buy a scratch-off. She did and ended up winning $50,000!

The mother and grandmother purchased just one instant ticket that fateful day, a $5 Extreme Green scratch-off, and played it there in the store. And even though the very first line on the scratch-off revealed the top-prize win, she still scanned the game with the store ticket checker to be sure.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said the lucky player. “I was just so happy.”

The Landover resident immediately and quietly left 7-Eleven #28808 in Takoma Park and headed straight home to show her husband. “I just needed to be sure,” she said. “I was so nervous.”

Her husband looked at the instant ticket and confirmed the win for his wife. She didn’t know what to do with a winning instant ticket and asked friends how to claim a Lottery prize. That search for answers contributed to her delay in claiming the prize, which she did earlier this week.

Our winner told Lottery officials that she was recently in a bad car accident that totaled her car. So, the first thing on her agenda is to buy a new vehicle with the windfall. She also plans to pay off some debt and put whatever is left in the bank.

Her lucky Lottery retailer, which is located at 1301 University Boulevard in Prince George’s County, will celebrate, too. The Lottery will give the store a bonus of $500 for selling a top prize-winning scratch-off worth $50,000.

The big winner claimed one of eight $50,000 top prizes in the $5 game. There are five more $50,000 prizes remaining, as well as nine $5,000 prizes, 18 $1,000 prizes and hundreds of thousands of others ranging from $5 to $500.