Scratch-off Win Keeps Rockville Woman Up All Night

Calls $50,000 prize a ‘miracle’ for her family 

She and her co-worker each wanted a cup of coffee on their break, a Montgomery County woman told Lottery officials when asked what put her in the 7-Eleven where Lottery luck was waiting. The scratch-off that she found there, the $2,000,000 Gold Rush game, supplied much more of a pick-me-up than coffee ever could.

“I told my friend that I had $30 to spend there after I got my coffee,” the cleaning service employee explained. “It had been a long time since I had bought a Lottery ticket, so I asked him to pick out which ones to play. He pointed to this one.”

When she finished scratching off her $30 $2,000,000 Gold Rush instant ticket, she couldn’t quite believe her eyes. “I saw the $50,000 match but knew it couldn’t be real,” the Rockville resident told us. “My friend said it was real, the scanner said it was real, but I knew it had to be a fake.”

Between her persistent doubt and the excitement of thinking that she could be $50,000 richer, the 29-year-old got very little sleep the last few nights since her win. “I have been so nervous about this. My mind just goes so fast, it won’t let me sleep.”

Her lucky $2,000,000 Gold Rush game debuted in February with five $2 million top prizes and eight $50,000 second-tier winners. Remaining are four top prizes and five of the $50,000 prizes that the lucky lady tells us is a miracle for her family.

“Any single mom with a fistful of bills would see this as a miracle,” she said. “It is such a huge help.”

When next you’re in Montgomery County, stop by 7-Eleven #11667 at 8900 Edmonston Road in College Park to see if their remaining $2,000,000 Gold Rush games have some Lottery luck left for you, too.