Lanham Man Shares Excitement After $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Prince George’s county resident claims prize in Cash is King

A Lanham man felt so much excitement after a $50,000 Cash Is King scratch-off win that everyone in the store joined in on the fun too.

The Prince George’s County resident said he was enjoying a few games of Racetrax recently when a thought entered his mind:

“Something inside me told me to go and get a scratch-off so I did,” the man said.

He bought a $30 Cash Is King ticket at Forbes BP located at 9701 Annapolis Road in Lanham, and said the number 44 kept popping up as he was scratching away in the “Your Numbers” section of the ticket. And it just so happened that 44 was also one of his ticket’s “Winning Numbers.” Those 44s appeared enough times to add up to a $50,000 second-tier prize.

The retired paramedic said he knew he had a winning ticket, but was not sure of the amount. Then he went to check his ticket at the gas station’s ticket scanner and confirmed that he won $50,000.

The 70-year-old man said he became so excited that the store employees didn’t want him driving home right away.

“They told me to sit down, calm down and gave me some water,” he recalled and added that other customers in the store came over and congratulated him on his win.

The lucky winner said he will use the money to pay off bills, remodel his home and to take a trip to Jerusalem. He added that he has a unique method for playing scratch-offs. He uses a coin to scratch, but the coin must be on a certain side.

“It has to be a heads,” he said. “That is a winner to me. The tails side is a loser and I won’t use it.”           

The $30 Cash is King game launched on Sept. 19, and all five of its $2 million top prizes remain unclaimed. The lucky winner from Lanham claimed the second of the ticket’s $50,000 prizes, but there are still four more of those remaining, along with eight $10,000 are prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $30 to $1,000.