Pick 5 Fan Plays $50,000 Winning Combination

Plans to spend his prize on three home improvement projects

A new kitchen countertop, new garage door and a new fence for his yard are on the can-do list of a Baltimore City man who won $50,000 playing Pick 5.

The diesel mechanic, who enjoys playing Lottery games regularly, said he added Pick 5 to the mix when the game began in February. He likes to create a five-digit number for his bets using a few high numbers and a few low numbers. When he woke up in the middle of the night to check for a win in the Oct. 28 drawing, he was startled to see Lottery luck had paid him a visit.

He had placed a $1 straight bet for the evening Pick 5 drawing at the Soda Pop Store in Dundalk. His lucky number that night was 31298. He fell asleep in the family room and woke up around 2 a.m., deciding to check his Pick 5 numbers before joining his sleeping wife in the bedroom. He couldn’t contain his excitement over his big win. “I woke up my wife,” he said. “She was happy.”

The $50,000 prize is his largest win to date and will go toward the home improvement projects.

Sharing in his luck is the management of the Soda Pop Store at 7715 Westfield Road in Baltimore County. For selling a $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket, the Dundalk retailer earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

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