Longshots Win Again for Frederick Racetrax Player

Claims $30,734 prize on Trifecta wager

There was a feeling of déjà vu at Lottery headquarters on Thursday when a retired Frederick resident arrived to pick up the same Racetrax prize he claimed a year ago.  What are the odds of winning the same prize on the same game playing the same horses?  Seems like a longshot win!

“It’s the 10, 11, and 12 horses for me, every time,” the former shipping business owner told Lottery officials. These horses with the greatest odds against them are commonly known as “longshots.” That doesn’t deter this dedicated Racetrax fan. “They’re the only horses I play.”

The lucky winner has worked his Racetrax games into his daily routine and, on Jan. 7, stopped by a Royal Farms store in Urbana after breakfast for a 20-draw, $20 Trifecta wager.  He checks the results later in the day using the Lottery’s website.

“I’d hit a dry spell in recent weeks, hadn’t won a thing in more than six weeks,” he shared with Lottery officials. “I told my wife that maybe it was time to change my method, and then I won a small prize. The very next day, it was $30,734 again. And, guess what, it was the last race that did it. The last of the 20 games on my ticket.”

Thursday’s winner found his Racetrax luck at Royal Farms #217 at 9180 Fingerboard Road in Urbana. For its role in selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the Frederick County store will receive a $307.34 bonus from the Lottery.

Our player plans to put his winnings toward spoiling his grandchildren. The happy grandad added that there’s now one more longshot to add to his story: the chances of him ever changing his Racetrax routine.