Lottery Homework Pays Off for Retired Federal Employee

Wins $50,000 scratching 100X The Cash game

A Prince George’s County woman is enjoying her biggest-ever Lottery prize today, a $50,000 second-tier win that she is convinced came as a result of the time she spent studying information on the Lottery’s website. Although she expected to eventually win big, the Upper Marlboro resident confided to Lottery officials that she is no less shocked today than when Lottery luck first came knocking.

Several times a week, she and her husband pick up a handful of specific Lottery tickets.  Those on her “shopping list” all meet several criteria, the most important of which involves the number of top-prize winning tickets remaining. “The website shows how many big-money winning tickets are still unclaimed for each game. I look for the ones that still have lots of big winners,” she said.

100X The Cash, a $20 instant ticket, has held onto many of its biggest prizes despite being on sale for almost four months. “The game has four $1 million top prizes available,” she said. “That’s why it’s on our list.” In addition, four $50,000 second-tier prizes remain – one fewer than yesterday, thanks to this winner – and six $10,000 prizes.

“When I scratched it at home, I handed it to my husband and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this.’” He took a look and laughed. “He told me, ‘You always said you were going to hit a big one. You finally did it.’”

The retired couple will direct their $50,000 prize toward completing several long-overdue home repair projects. The wife assured Lottery officials that she’d soon return with a $1 million winning ticket. Perhaps her next portion of Lottery luck is waiting for her at Freddie’s Liquors.  The Forestville business that sold her the $50,000-winning instant ticket is located at 7700 Marlboro Pike.