Mom’s Insistence Leads to Daughter’s Big Pick 5 Win

Lucky Bowie lady wins $50,000 in May 14 drawing

A Prince George’s County resident is $50,000 richer, thanks to her mother. The two often play Lottery games together, with the mother giving the daughter numbers to play. However, on a recent gloomy day, the daughter didn’t feel up to going out for their Lottery purchases and almost missed out on a big win.

The day was cold and rainy earlier this week, when the winner’s mother asked her to go play their Pick 4 and Pick 5 numbers.

“It was a bad day and I just didn’t feel like leaving the house,” said the Bowie winner. “But, my mom kept on me about going, so I finally just went up there.”

The loyal daughter headed to the Bowie Exxon and purchased a few tickets, including a $1 Pick 5 straight bet ticket for the May 14 evening drawing. She pocketed the tickets and headed home. The lucky player had dinner and later checked her games on the Lottery’s website.

“I saw the numbers my mom gave me straight,” said the winner. “But, I was pretty calm when I told her.”

“I was excited for her and she didn’t even want to play the numbers that day,” said the winner’s mom, who was with her when she claimed the prize at Lottery headquarters. “I bet she’ll listen to me more often.”

The winner shared with Lottery officials that she’ll most likely pay bills with the prize and save some of windfall. Her mother said she hopes her daughter will buy a car with the funds.

Also celebrating is the lucky retailer that sold the winning Pick 5 ticket. Bowie Exxon, located at 1500 Northwest Crain Highway in Prince George’s County, will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.