Loyal Lottery Player Takes Home $31,796.50 Racetrax Prize

Takoma Park man wins big with Superfecta Wheel bet

Montgomery County resident Rafael Reynoso is enjoying a hot streak when it comes to playing Lottery games. Recently, he won the most money in his life playing Racetrax, which is one of his favorite games.

The 66-year-old plumber describes himself as a big Lottery fan. He’s been playing the Lottery for over 15 years. The Takoma Park man plays games like Racetrax and scratch-offs as a hobby and a “quick distraction from life.” Lottery luck found the winner at his favorite convenience store, Ertters Market located at 521 Dale Drive in Silver Spring.

“I spent my extra change from lunch to play,” he said. “When I noticed I won, I couldn’t believe it because this is the second time I won with the perfect numbers and the first time winning Superfecta.”

The Lottery terminal at Ertters Market produced his big winner, randomly selecting horses 6 and 7 for the No. 1 position, then 9, 11 and 4 for the second, third and fourth positions. To win on a Superfecta Wheel bet, a player’s horses must cross the finish line in their exact order. He bet on the combination for 10 drawings and won $31,796.50 on the ninth race.

Asked what he plans to do with his prize, the lucky winner said he wants to help his family and save as much as he can for a “rainy day.”

The Lottery retailer’s owner receives a $317.96 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.