Lucky Mom Plays Fast, Wins Fast with FAST PLAY Game

Baltimore winner plans to use $50,000 prize to help her family

A player from West Baltimore found herself in the Winner’s Circle at Maryland Lottery headquarters after purchasing a $5 FAST PLAY Yahtzee ticket. The anonymous winner, who chose the nickname “44fam” to tell the story of her big win, was on her way home when she won the game’s $50,000 top prize.

After picking up her kids from school, “44Fam” went to Herling’s Grocery in Baltimore to quickly purchase Lottery tickets from the vending machine. She wasted no time checking for a win. When she scanned the FAST PLAY Yahtzee ticket at the vending machine, the loyal player saw a message to take the ticket to the Lottery retailer.

“I said, ‘What does this mean?’” to the clerk, the lucky lady recalled. The store employee scanned the ticket and let her know she won $50,000. In shock, “44Fam” jumped up and down and cheered, even taking a moment to celebrate with other patrons and the clerk.

“I was just happy. I screamed OMG, OMG, OMG!”

“44Fam” has played Lottery games for decades, even passing the time with her family by playing games together. Her previous top score was $500. She had no set plans on how to spend the $50,000 windfall other than paying bills and helping her family.

She bought the winning ticket at Herling’s Grocery located at 117 North Eutaw Street in Baltimore. The Lottery retailer received a bonus of $500, equal to 1% of the prize, from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning ticket in the game.

The Yahtzee game went on sale Sept. 4 and is still packed with prizes, including 14 top prizes and 240 $5,000 second-tier prizes.