Lucky Player Wins Lottery Windfall Just in Time for Birthday

Germantown man claims $50,000 top prize on Bonus Match 5 ticket

A lucky Montgomery County man likely received the best birthday gift of his life after buying a Bonus Match 5 ticket for the July 18 drawing. He won $50,000 just in time for his birthday festivities.

The 48-year-old found his lucky ticket at Town Center Sunoco, which is located at 19738 Germantown Road in Germantown. He purchased one $4 ticket, replaying numbers from a previous drawing. The Germantown resident works as a contractor for AAA and uses some of the money he receives as tips to purchase Lottery tickets. He walked away this time with a far larger prize than in the past.

“It’s a blessing that it happened in time for my birthday,” the lucky player said. What makes this win even more special is that shortly before claiming the prize, he was in talks with real estate agents about purchasing a home. Proceeds from the $50,000 prize will go toward that purchase.

Town Center Sunoco also benefits from this win. The Montgomery County business will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning ticket in the game.