Magic Touch from One Winner Brings $25,000 Prize for Another

Davidsonville player’s lucky juju results in free winning Pick 5 ticket

For a Davidsonville Lottery loyalist, asking a fellow player who just won a prize playing Pick 4 to cast a little luck his way worked like a charm. He won a $25,000 Pick 5 prize on a free ticket!

The winner was at South River Liquors in Edgewater when he noticed a fellow Lottery enthusiast in line ahead of him who had just won a Pick 4 prize.

“I said, ‘Give me some of that juju,’” the anonymous Anne Arundel County resident recalled, sharing the story of his win with Lottery officials after claiming his prize. The other player gladly accommodated, indicating a transfer of good luck.

The player, 64, then bought his usual selection of Pick 3, 4 and Pick 5 tickets. With his purchase, he also received free 50-cent Pick 5 quick-pick tickets under the Try Pick 5 promotion, including one with the digits 03450 for the May 28 midday drawing.

“I would never have played that number,” the winner said. His typical Pick 5 selections relate to his ZIP code and his date of birth. While neither of those numbers hit, the number on his free ticket was as good as gold when the balls popped into place.

The winner shared his great news with his wife, who did not believe him and told him so in no uncertain terms. He persisted and showed her the ticket. “Of course, she has the official Maryland Lottery app on her phone,” the winner observed. She scanned the ticket and became a believer.

The following day, the winner was back at South River Liquors buying Lottery tickets when he saw his acquaintance. The two had seen each other in line on many previous occasions, but had never exchanged names. The winner introduced himself, got the other fellow’s name and said, “Because of you, I won $25,000!”

The owner of the borrowed juju replied, “Will you buy me a beer?”

“I’ll buy you a case of beer!” the winner said, making good on the commitment right there. In retrospect, the winner said, “It was a nice weekend.”

The winner’s first reaction at being asked about plans for the money was, “Put it in the bank.” After a moment, however, he remembered he has a vacation trip planned to Napa Valley, California. He may tap his winnings to buy some wines.

Also enjoying the win is South River Liquors at 3204 Solomons Island Road in Edgewater. The Anne Arundel County retailer receives a bonus of $250 from the Lottery for its role in the $25,000 Pick 5 win. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.

Only a few days remain in the Try Pick 5 promotion, which ends Sunday, June 5, at the conclusion of Lottery sales for that day.