No Rhyme or Reason to Baltimore Man’s Lucky $50,000 Pick 5 Win

Hospital employee wins big playing favorite game

Lots of Lottery players have a ritual or a specific way to play their favorite games. Many play special sets of numbers or try to win with a number spotted on a billboard or license plate. A Baltimore City man’s routine involves timing. He will play a midday drawing one day and the evening drawing the next day. That routine led to a $50,000 win in the June 3 Pick 5 midday drawing.

The 65-year-old said he doesn’t have special numbers but chooses whatever comes to mind at the time he buys the $1 straight-bet ticket.

The numbers 93111 came to him when he was out and about on Saturday, June 3. The lucky player stopped in Erdman Liquors at 3931 Erdman Avenue in Baltimore and purchased several Lottery games, including a ticket for the midday drawing in Pick 5, which is his favorite game. He then went home to take a nap before going to work at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Three days later, he checked his tickets.

“I pulled out my games and checked them on the Maryland Lottery App on my phone,” said the big winner. “I was blown away when I saw those numbers, I checked it three or four times to see if it was real.”

His big win was definitely real. Because the lucky great-grandfather placed a $1 straight bet, he won the game’s $50,000 prize. The big winner shared the news with his mother, who confirmed the win again for her son and locked the winning ticket in a safe until he was ready to claim his prize.

The lucky player said he plans to use the windfall to boost his retirement fund and pay down some debt. His lucky Baltimore City retailer, Erdman Liquors, is celebrating, too. For its role in the big win, the store will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.