Ocean City, Annapolis Residents Each Win $30,000 on Same Scratch-Off Game

Bonus Crossword instant ticket reveals two of its top prizes

June is a great time to play scratch-offs, particularly Bonus Crossword 4th Edition. A 24-year-old Ocean City man and a 53-year-old Annapolis woman are each taking home $30,000 top prizes after trying their luck with the $3 game.

The Worcester County man received his instant ticket from his mother as a gift, which is really the only time he plays Lottery games. His winning scratch-off came from Royal Farms #107 located at 12826 Ocean Gateway in Ocean City.

The lucky player scratched his game off when he got it and immediately learned that he had a big winner. He initially thought the prize was $5,000 and so was surprised to learn he had a $30,000 windfall. The lucky man plans to use his winnings to buy a new home.

The Anne Arundel County resident found her Lottery luck at Wawa #569 located at 321 Busch Frontage Road in Annapolis. She nearly left the store because the line was long and the particular scratch-off that she wanted – FAMILY FEUD® – was sold out. But then, something caused her to reconsider.

When she visited the Lottery kiosk, she opted for four Bonus Crossword instant tickets. The first three were non-winners. When she scanned the fourth scratch-off, the message read “See Lottery,” making the lucky lady think there was something wrong with the instant ticket.

Later that day, she checked the instant ticket on her phone using the Lottery app and learned that she had a $30,000 top-prize winner. “OMG,” the happy lady exclaimed. “I felt like I was in a movie.” She shared the great news with her husband later when she got home. The happy player plans to use her winnings for home improvements and to boost her savings account.

The $3 Bonus Crossword 4th Edition game went on sale in February. It began with eight $30,000 top prizes and 20 $5,000 second-tier prizes. Both Lottery retailers can celebrate, too. Each will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off worth $30,000.