Owings Mills Player Enters Housing Market Early with $25,000 Lottery Win

Dream leads Pick 5 player to change bet from boxed to straight for bigger prize

A $25,000 Maryland Lottery Pick 5 win on June 26 will make for a big change in the life of a Pennsylvania-born resident of Owings Mills. She plans to purchase a home with her winnings.

The 58-year-old plans to add the funds to an already growing account. After that, she’ll keep on working and keep on playing the Lottery.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll try to win again! I have that itch!” she said on June 30 when claiming her prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The regular player of all three Pick games — 3, 4 and 5 — had routinely played a number combination reflecting her birthday as a 50-cent boxed bet. Then, a few weeks ago, the Baltimore County resident started having dreams that prompted her change in bet type.

Switching from a boxed to straight bet made for a big increase in her prize. Boxing her number combination of 01219 would have paid $400 on a 50-cent bet while the straight bet was worth more than 62 times that amount.

Although very happy about her win, the lucky lady is keeping the reason for her smiles largely secret. She decided to share the information about her win only with her fiancé and her daughter.

Also sharing in her good luck is Lakeside Liquors at 9229 Lakeside Boulevard in Owings Mills. The Baltimore County Lottery retailer scores a bonus of $250, equal to 1% of the prize.