Owner of Small Businesses Wins $50,000 Lottery Surprise

Claims top prize scratching $500 Loaded instant ticket

A visit with a friend set the stage for an Anne Arundel County Maryland Lottery fan to collect her biggest win ever.

Stopping for a coffee at Royal Farms #113 in Finksburg, she noticed the store’s display of scratch-offs and asked for a $500 Loaded instant ticket. What happened next, out in the parking lot, is something she and her husband will never forget.

“I decided that I was in the mood for a scratch-off,” the Pasadena resident told Lottery officials, “so I looked to see what $5 tickets they had.” She only plays $5 and $10 scratch-offs, she explained, saying they give her “more bang for your buck.”

She bought the $500 Loaded game and returned to the car to play it. “When I saw the $50,000, I kept saying, ‘No way, no way.’ ”

The winner and her husband, who own several small businesses in the Baltimore area, say they have family in mind — especially their grandchildren — when pondering what to do with their winnings. They also have a warm spot in their hearts for Royal Farms #113 at 4007 Sykesville Road in Finksburg and plan to stop there whenever they visit Carroll County. Their review: good coffee and great scratch-off prizes!

For its role in selling the top-prize winning scratch-off, Royal Farms earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The $500 Loaded game hit retailers’ shelves in May. Four $50,000 top prizes remain unclaimed as well as seven $5,000 second-tier prizes and 19 $1,000 prizes.