Pasadena Mom’s Jackpot-Winning Dream Leads to $50,000 Prize

“Pasadena Dreamer” regards her past purchases of non-winning Powerball tickets as helping pay for the dreams of other players. Her dream of a big win came true on May 12 with a $50,000 prize.

Loyal Lottery player claims third-tier prize from May 12 drawing

Like many people who play the Maryland Lottery, a Pasadena woman who recently won $50,000 playing Powerball has plenty of daydreams about a life-changing jackpot win. When she doesn’t win, the Anne Arundel County resident takes the approach that she at least helped pay for someone else to achieve their dream.

“I play all the time. Somebody has to win. I look at it like my $5 or $10 ticket is helping someone else’s dream come true,” she said on July 30 while claiming her prize from the May 12 drawing.

The anonymous winner, going by the nickname “Pasadena Dreamer,” said she has no firm plans for her windfall. One idea she’s considering is installing a swimming pool to benefit her two children.

Although the jackpot remained out of reach, the winner is excited about her Lottery luck.

“I’ve been clapping since I found out,” she said, when greeted with applause from Lottery staff as she entered the Winner’s Circle at Lottery headquarters.

Although she’s an avid player who plans to continue her pursuit of a jackpot win, “Pasadena Dreamer” is less than vigilant about checking her tickets. About a week passed after the May 12 drawing before she checked for a win by matching the numbers against those posted on the Maryland Lottery website.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute, there’s a number. There’s another number…” Before she knew it, she had matched four out of five regular balls plus the Power Ball for a third-tier win.

Sharing in “Pasadena Dreamer’s” good fortune is Weis Markets #070 at 2294 Bluewater Boulevard in Odenton where she bought her $2 quick-pick ticket. She noticed the store has now posted a Lottery banner that says, “We sold a $50,000 winner,” to alert players of its lucky status. She’s considering clandestinely taking a photo of herself under the banner, so as not to be noticed. The only person she has told about her win is her dad.

Even when celebration time rolls around, “Pasadena Dreamer” said she will probably just include a few friends and pay for a dinner gathering without giving the reason why.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old is still dreaming about winning the jackpot. Her next chance comes Wednesday, Aug. 4, when the drawing is for a $211 million jackpot with a cash option of $153.9 million.