Payday Player Picks Lucky Time to Play Lucky Numbers

Brandy and Frank Hartman of Aberdeen celebrate their $50,000 FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers win.

Aberdeen woman wins $50,000 playing FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers game

Brandy Hartman buys Maryland Lottery tickets just about every two weeks, she told Lottery officials.

“I feel the urge to get a ticket or two around payday,” she explained. The arrival of payday, a near-empty gas tank and a Royal Farms convenience store all played a role in giving the Aberdeen resident her biggest Lottery win ever — a $50,000 prize!

“These last couple of years, I’ve picked a FAST PLAY game when playing,” said the Harford County wife and mother. “I like knowing if I won right away.”

FAST PLAY tickets play like a scratch-off without having to scratch. As her husband filled up the gas tank outside Royal Farms in Aberdeen, Brandy filled up their bank account with a win on her third $10 FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers ticket.

“The first didn’t get me anything, the second $10 and, with the winnings, I bought one more.” That “one more” ticket was the game changer.

Not sure that she was reading the Lucky Numbers ticket correctly, Brandy asked the cashier to check it. The employee of a defense contractor reports that the store clerk’s reaction was all that she needed to be certain of the $50,000 win. “Her eyes got real big and she whispered, ‘Oh, my goodness.’”

Brandy’s husband Frank needed a bit more convincing. “I was sick to my stomach and shaking from the shock. I showed him [the ticket] outside at the car and he studied it over and over. Then, he looked up and smiled.”

The couple plan to put their winnings in the bank for now, with an eye toward their daughter’s education. Brandy’s lucky Lottery retailer is Royal Farms #089 at 1021 Middleton Road in Aberdeen.

Lucky Numbers has a progressive jackpot that increases with the sale of each ticket until someone buys a progressive-jackpot-winning ticket. On Thursday, the latest Lucky Numbers jackpot was almost $150,000 and still growing. This game has 24 progressive jackpots remaining along with 33 more $50,000 winning tickets and 47 unclaimed $10,000 tickets.