Pick 5 Player, Store Clerk Combine Numbers for $25,000 Win

Happy Silver Spring winner claims prize on 50-cent straight bet

A Montgomery County man who plays Pick 4 and Pick 5 tried a new number-selection strategy this week. He used the Lottery mobile app to randomly select three numbers and asked a 7-Eleven store clerk to supply two numbers. His Pick 5 ticket won $25,000!

The anonymous player’s winning bet was a 50-cent straight wager in the Oct. 16 evening drawing using the numbers 74786.

“I picked three of the front numbers and I asked the guy at 7-Eleven to pick the last two numbers,” he told Lottery officials.

The happy player returned to the store after the drawing to claim a $400 prize he won on a separate Pick 5 box bet and to share news of his $25,000 win with the helpful clerk.

Also in the know about his Lottery luck is the winner’s wife. He plans to pay bills with the windfall and buy another motorcycle to add to his collection of bikes. A heavy construction equipment operator, the winner is still feeling lucky and vowed to return to Lottery headquarters in the future to claim another big prize.

His lucky Lottery retailer, 7-Eleven #11577 at 15539 New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, also benefits from selling a $25,000-winning Pick 5 ticket. The Lottery will give the Montgomery County store a bonus of $250 for its role in the big win.