Pickleball Players Team Up to Capture $10,000 Mega Millions Prize

Six of the seven Southern Marylanders who won the $10,000 prize celebrate in the Winner’s Circle.

Southern Maryland women were chasing a jackpot win

A group of seven pickleball players from Southern Maryland are winners on and off the court, thanks to their lucky Mega Millions ticket in the Aug. 4 drawing.

The happy jackpot chasers, wearing “Chill Dills Win Bills” homemade T-shirts to claim their prize, were still fueled by excitement when they arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

They started buying Mega Millions tickets as a group about a month ago, the women said. Everyone chipped in $20 and one member bought the tickets. They won $6, and rolled that back into another drawing and then won $12, which they rolled into the Aug. 4 drawing that delivered their third-tier prize. “Chill Dills Win Bills” found their lucky $2 quick-pick ticket at Food Lion #0656 at 40955 Merchant Lane in Leonardtown.

The night of the drawing was an exciting one for those still awake when the first text message about the $10,000 win pinged their phones. “I was taking my mom home at 10 minutes to midnight,” said one of the “Chill Dills.” “I said, ‘Hold up!’” Another recalled, “I was asleep and woke up to see it.”

“Chill Dills Win Bills” have lots of individual plans for their prizes, which came to around $958 each after taxes. One player joked that they will keep playing because “Our goal is to win enough to build an indoor pickleball center with a hot tub outside.”

One happy winner is planning a trip to New York City to see “The Lion King” on Broadway. Another “Chill Dill” plans to spend her prize on a trip to St. Louis to watch a baseball game. Still another is planning a trip this winter to Turks and Caicos Islands.

The happy Marylanders said they hope to return to the Lottery Winner’s Circle real soon. Until then, they’ll be hitting the pickleball courts together and dreaming of their next big score.