Pikesville’s ‘Night Nurse’ Sees Lottery Win in Dream Become Reality

“Night Nurse,” a scratch-off aficionado from Pikesville, won $100,000 on the $30 $100,000 Lucky instant ticket.

Scratch-off prize of $100,000 will help with daughter’s college tuition

Do dreams come true? Just ask a Maryland Lottery scratch-off player from Pikesville, who dreamed of winning at a particular store and then scored a $100,000 top prize. She routinely plays for the thrill but really enjoyed her exciting big win on a $100,000 Lucky scratch-off.

“I just like the fun of it,” she said. “Of course, you want to win. I never expected to win anything like this.” The anonymous player is going by the nickname “Night Nurse” for the purpose of telling her winning story.

Not all that long ago, “Night Nurse” had a dream about buying a winning instant ticket at a particular shop near her home. The Baltimore County resident was ill, so she did not get a scratch-off but later heard there was a major prize winner sold there.

Undaunted, she was headed home from work as a night nurse and stopped at lucky 7-Eleven #17118 at 1801 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore. She and her husband were planning a family trip, so she didn’t buy her usual selection of Lottery games. Instead, she bought the $30 $100,000 Lucky scratch-off and a $5 Ravens X5 instant ticket. She scratched the Ravens game first and, not getting a win, stashed it away to scan into her My Lottery Rewards account.

“Night Nurse” then scratched off the $100,000 Lucky game. She double-checked for a win by scanning the scratch-off at the self-serve Lottery vending machine and got a message telling her to take the game to the store clerk. He checked the instant ticket for a win and suggested she take it home and double-check it in the morning. “Night Nurse” called her husband, who was sleeping, and told him she thought she had a big winner.

The two looked closely at the game and realized she matched a winning number and scored the game’s $100,000 top prize. “You really did win!” the husband said.

The couple will put the winnings into savings, as they have a daughter who is wrapping up high school and anticipates going to college. “Night Nurse” also anticipates getting a car with her newfound fortune.

Picking up a little extra cash as well is her lucky 7-Eleven, which receives a bonus of $1,000, equal to 1% of the prize. The Lottery awards the bonus for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. This game still has 34 $100,000 top prizes remaining along with 19 $5,000 prizes and others ranging from $30 to $500.