Calvert County Powerball Player Wins $50,000 Prize

Misses jackpot win by one digit in Feb. 6 drawing

A longtime Powerball player was on his way to work on Monday, Feb. 6, when he made a fortunate decision to stop at a local store to buy a ticket for that night’s drawing.

The Calvert County resident bought one $8 quick-pick ticket at Wawa #573, which is located at 10245 Kirksville Lane in Dunkirk, and went on his way. But it was several days before the father of two examined ticket to determine if he’d won anything.

“I was going to the grocery the other day and I thought I might as well check my ticket,” he said. When he scanned the ticket at the store’s ticket checker, he saw a message appear about winning $50,000. He quickly looked around to see if anyone else saw the third-tier prize amount appear on the screen. Luckily, the coast was clear and he verified the win later using the Lottery app on his phone.

“I didn’t believe it,” said the winner, who works in real estate. “I thought maybe the machine was giving everyone $50,000.”

His wife was very happy with his Lottery luck and the prize is going into their savings account. The happy winner regularly plays Powerball and Mega Millions, and his Feb. 6 Powerball win is by far the largest he’s ever won, beating out a $1,250 prize years ago.