Powerball Excitement Delivers Different Kind of Win

Rockville man claims $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top prize   

Hopes of winning the billion-dollar Powerball jackpot got him into the lucky 7-Eleven on Rockville Pike, a Montgomery County man told Lottery officials. Who would have thought, however, that while the Powerball tickets he bought that day produced no matches, the “other” game he played would produce nothing but matches and a $50,000 top prize.

“I buy Lottery tickets once in a while,” the 58-year-old accountant explained, saying he is buying tickets “a little more often recently as Powerball has kept climbing.” As the Rockville resident was completing his purchase on Nov. 1, he added one ticket.

“My regular game is Bonus Match 5.  I’ve gotten away from it during all of this jackpot excitement, but I decided to get one (ticket).”

It wasn’t until the following day that he compared his Powerball tickets to the winning numbers. “No billion dollars for me, but then I looked up the Bonus Match 5 results.” Not believing his eyes, it looked like all five of his numbers matched in the Nov. 1 drawing.

“I work with numbers all day, every day. I saw almost immediately that none – or very few – of my Powerball numbers matched, and I saw just as quickly that all of my Bonus Match 5 numbers were there. Even then, I had to look at them three times.”

Our winner kept his composure, as he was at his office. “I stayed professional, but it was tough.” The lucky player plans to keep his win a secret, waiting for his big check to arrive before surprising his family.

The $50,000 top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket was sold by 7-Eleven #29763 at 11530 Rockville Pike. Management at the Rockville convenience store will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the ticket.