Powerball Jackpot Chaser Finds $50,000 Prize

Baltimore City resident wins in March 30 drawing

A loyal Powerball player from Baltimore told Lottery officials that she tends to wait for a big jackpot in her favorite game and only then will buy numerous tickets. And although she didn’t capture the jackpot, which was hit on Saturday in Oregon for $1.3 billion, she was still quite happy walking away with a $50,000 third-tier prize.

The teacher purchased her lucky quick-pick ticket at Royal Farms #057 located at 100 West Padonia Road in Timonium. She bought numerous tickets for the March 30 drawing.

The next day, she learned that she had won the third-tier prize after checking the numbers on her lucky ticket several times using her My Lottery Rewards app. She was afraid to return to Royal Farms to scan the ticket because she didn’t know if she could contain her excitement and feared attracting the wrong attention. Instead, she sent her loving husband to scan the ticket for her and confirm the big win. When he returned home, he rushed to her side to congratulate her.

When asked what she plans to do with her winnings, the Powerball fan said she will make some home renovations and help her kids financially when they need assistance. She also plans to save some of the prize.

Although the jackpot was hit on Saturday, the fun continues for Maryland Powerball players. A Jackpot Reset promotion running April 8-21 will award free $2 Mega Millions tickets at random to players who buy a Powerball ticket.