Cruise Vacation Combo Brings $100,000 Lottery Win in District Heights

Player’s purchase of double tickets for Pick 5 drawing pushes windfall to six digits

It started last year when a District Heights woman and her husband went on a cruise, and it ended April 5 with her claiming a $100,000 Maryland Lottery Pick 5 prize.

“It was amazing,” the loyal player said after claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

She and her husband took a cruise vacation last year and she noticed the five-digit number 72799 on her paperwork. She started playing the combination as a Pick 5 $1 straight bet and bought two tickets for all four drawings on March 30 and 31. For the last drawing of the set, the evening of the 31 (Sunday), the combination hit.

Although thrilled about the win, the Prince George’s County resident was not itching to spend her winnings on anything. “I’m just going to sit on it and add to it,” she said.

The Lottery enthusiast has won before, with her previous personal best being a $10,000 win last September. Asked what makes playing the Lottery fun, the player’s husband said: “Winning!”  He has also pocketed a few Lottery prizes. They plan to organize a small celebratory gathering with family members in the coming weeks.

Also having reason to celebrate is Manokeek Wine & Spirits at 7091 Berry Road in Accokeek. The Prince George’s County business earns a total $1,000 bonus, equal to 1% of the prize.