Racetrax Player Wins $36,400, Turns It Over to His Wife

Quinella bet with Bonus gives big win to Lottery aficionado

A Baltimore County man who plays Racetrax as a diversion from his job says his Lottery luck has been pretty good. It got even better when he played on Dec. 27 and picked up a $36,400 prize.

“I give it all to my wife whenever I win. She takes care of all of the bills,” the player said on March 9 while claiming his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The money is nice to win, he said, but mainly he just enjoys playing.

The winner started enjoying Lottery games a few years ago when he got interested in Keno. In the last two years, he switched to Racetrax because of the increased variability of bet types.

For this big win, he placed a $20 Quinella bet on horses 10 and 11 for five races, adding the Bonus multiplier option. The Bonus of x5 significantly boosted his prize from $7,280 to $36,400. The loyal player said he prefers to play big, and he always goes with the Bonus, which can increase winnings on a ticket by as much as tenfold.

After turning his winnings over to his wife, the player says he’ll be back at his favorite game. “I’ve been pretty lucky for the past two years,” he said, noting that he has experienced some wins and losses.

He bought his hot ticket at Carroll Motor Fuels gas station located at 14243 Jarrettsville Pike in Phoenix. The Lottery awards a bonus of $364 to the Baltimore County store, equal to 1% of the prize, for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more.

The winner is particularly fond of this location, saying of the owner, “He’s a real gentleman, a really nice guy.”