Middle River Man Returns to Winner’s Circle to Claim $50,000 Prize

Two-time big winner William Daniels Jr. of Middle River will use his new $50,000 prize to help pay wedding bills.

Credits his hairstyle for Gold X50 scratch-off win

William Daniels Jr. made a triumphant return to the Winner’s Circle this week after finding a $50,000 prize on a Gold X50 scratch-off. This was his first visit since winning $100,000 on a Ravens scratch-off in November 2015.

The Middle River man said the excitement of winning big never gets old. “When you hit it, you are in disbelief. You want to make sure you are not looking at it wrong.”

The Baltimore County resident used his $100,000 winnings in 2015 to purchase a home and plans to use this prize on another big life event. “It is going toward paying for my wedding,” William said.

The aircraft assembly employee said he will occasionally buy a scratch-off if he has a few bucks in his pocket. The 31-year-old credits his hairstyle, in part, for this big win. He had long hair back in 2015 for his first win and then wore his hair short until recently, when he began sporting longer locks.

“I’m going to stick with long hair when I play scratch-offs,” he said with a laugh.

The lucky player purchased the Gold X50 winning instant ticket at 7-Eleven #33266 at 8235 Perry Hall Boulevard in Nottingham.

The Gold X50 game is number three on the Lottery’s Top 40 Scratch-offs roster. Other members of the Gold Multiplier family of games are the $1 Gold X5, $2 Gold X10 and $10 Gold X20 games. Check out the Gold Multiplier second-chance promotion, too! The Gold X50 scratch-off still has six unclaimed top prizes of $100,000 prizes, seven more $50,000 prizes, 21 $10,000 prizes and others ranging from $10 to $1,000.