Recycled Powerball Number Helps Lutherville Man Win $50,000

“Easy Does It” plans to pay bills and take a vacation after his $50,000 Powerball Double Play win.

Powerball numbers from an old ticket helped a Baltimore County resident win $50,000 in the Feb. 27 Double Play drawing, giving him matches on four out of five white balls and the Power Ball.

The winner, who adopted the nickname “Easy Does It” for Lottery publicity, said his key to the win started a decade ago.

The Lutherville man said he purchased a quick-pick, or random-generated ticket years ago that happened to include significant dates in his life. He was so impressed with the coincidence that he decided to continue to play those numbers of 8, 25, 27, 33 and 44.

“I got the ticket one day and I have played those numbers every time for the past 10 years. I am glad it paid off,” he said.

He bought an $8 ticket for the Feb. 27 drawing at Margate BP, which is located at 1601 York Road in Lutherville. “Easy Does It” added Power Play and Double Play to the two-line ticket and won in the Double Play drawing that followed the regular drawing. He was one of two players in the country who won the $50,000 third-tier Double Play prize.

The retired government employee was one number away from winning the Double Play top prize of $10 million. He had the number 25 instead of 34, but he is not complaining at all.

“I am very happy with $50,000. It was amazing to win,” he said.

“Easy Does It” came to Lottery headquarters with his wife to claim the prize. The retirees have already decided how to spend their newfound fortune.

“We are going to pay off bills and take a much-needed vacation,” explained “Easy Does It.”