Baltimore Man Finds $50,000 Snowfall in Winter-Themed FAST PLAY Game

Snowflakes are rare in Baltimore City this winter, but one lucky FAST PLAY fan got hit with an avalanche of Lottery cash. He won $50,000 playing the Snowflake Ca$h game.

The occasional Lottery player was getting gas last week at the 25th Street Sunoco in Baltimore when he got the urge to play. While in the business located at 750 East 25th Street, he decided to try a Lottery game and chose the $5 Snowflake Ca$h ticket.

“It just came to me to take a shot at it,” he said. “I was curious and just wanted to see what might happen.”

Well, what happened was he won $50,000! One of his “snowflake” numbers matched one of the winning numbers, making him a top-prize winner. The lucky player wasn’t sure he won, though, so he contacted his nephew for help.

“When my nephew looked at the ticket for me, he confirmed I was a winner,” said the Baltimore man. “He knew what to do and made an appointment for me and everything.”

The frugal single dad and granddad is having a birthday soon and the unexpected good fortune serves as an early birthday gift. The 56-year-old, who notes that “every day is a gift,” said that he doesn’t have any immediate plans for his prize. “Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to spend it,” said the winner.

His $50,000 win claims the second of 15 top prizes in the game, which went on sale on Nov. 7. Also up for grabs are 19 $5,000 prizes and over 1.18 million prizes between $5 and $500. The Lottery retailer that sold the FAST PLAY ticket also wins. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning ticket, the Sunoco receives a $500 bonus from the Lottery.