Retailer Promotion Gives Lucky Player Free Ticket Worth $25,000

Baltimore man claims prize on Pick 5 quick-pick ticket

Maryland Lottery retailers often show appreciation to loyal players but few customer rewards compare to one given a Baltimore man by Maryland Liquors in Baltimore County. The city resident received a free Pick 5 quick-pick ticket as part of an in-store promotion. The ticket turned out to be a $25,000 winner!

Maryland Liquors, located at 6025 Liberty Road in Baltimore, is a favorite retailer frequented by the lucky 80-year-old winner. After playing a certain number of games, the loyal customer received a free Pick 5 50-cent straight bet ticket on May 9 for the evening drawing. He checked his ticket later that night for a prize and learned that he won a $25,000 windfall.

“I’m too old for jumping (around),” said the player when asked about his reaction to the big win. As for his plans for the prize, he added, “I don’t have any plans for it except to get some Mickey D’s.”

The lucky winner has been retired for 20 years from his career as a railroad engineer. In his spare time, he enjoys shooting pool in addition to playing Lottery games.

For its role in the big win, Maryland Liquors will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery. This is one of 70 $25,000 winning Pick 5 tickets sold since the Lottery launched the game in February.