Stunned Scratch-off Winner from Baltimore Lands $50,000 Prize

Baltimore City retailer sells top-prize-winning Power 5s instant ticket

After spending all day in her work truck, a delivery driver from Baltimore said that sitting in her personal vehicle for long periods of time isn’t something she does intentionally. But she was so stunned after scratching off a $50,000 win on a Power 5s instant ticket that she got into her car and stayed there, very still, thinking about how Lottery luck had just changed her life.

“I had to sit in the car for two hours after I won,” said “Shay Shay,” who selected that nickname to tell her winning story.

The 30-year-old stopped at Three Brothers at 3061 Frederick Avenue in Baltimore City after work because she had a feeling that she would have good luck on scratch-offs. She is no stranger to winning. About three months ago, a similar feeling led her to buy a $20 scratch-off that delivered a $150 prize.

“Something told me to get a ticket,” she recalled, so “Shay Shay” asked the store clerk to pick out a $5 game for her and the employee selected the Power 5s instant ticket. “Give me two more,” the winner recalls telling the employee. “Shay Shay” then went out to the parking lot to scratch off her games.

She was outside of her vehicle, scratching away, when she came up without a win on the first two games. When the third Power 5s scratch-off revealed its $50,000 prize, “Shay Shay” quietly got inside the car and sat there in shock. Later, she drove home and woke up her grandfather to help confirm her top-prize win.

The happy winner, who has shared news of her good fortune with her extended family, said she might invest the prize into improvements at an out-of-state family farm.

Her Lottery retailer also benefits from the lucky sale. Three Brothers in Baltimore earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. The Power 5s game went on sale in November 2021 with eight $50,000 top prizes and 15 $5,000 prizes.