Retired Military Veteran Wins $117,769 Playing Racetrax

Loyal Racetrax player “Mysterio R.” of Columbia took home a $117,769 prize.

Columbia man’s Superfecta wager brings in the big prize

A Howard County man uses a special strategy with his Racetrax Superfecta wagers that resulted in a $117,769 prize this week.

The happy winner, who is calling himself “Mysterio R.” to maintain his anonymity, used the combination of 4, 11, 9 and 10 to win the big prize. He explained that those numbers have no significance, because he chooses them at random. He does, however, always pick three higher numbers and one lower number.

“It is best to stick with those numbers. If you switch things up, you could regret it if those numbers hit later,” said “Mysterio R.”

The Columbia resident is a loyal Racetrax player and previously won around $13,000 on the game a few years ago. The retired military veteran said he was shocked with this big prize.

“Mysterio R.” was in the process of buying his ticket at Rt. 40 Sunoco for the next Racetrax round when he learned that his current ticket had produced a prize. “When I heard my numbers had won, I stopped and didn’t finish placing my next bet. When I won, I was out of there,” he said with a laugh. The lucky player said he plans to place his winnings in the bank.

Rt. 40 Sunoco, located at 5612 Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville, also got into the excitement of “Mysterio’s” big win. Lottery retailers receive a bonus for selling winning Racetrax tickets of $10,000 or more. The 1% bonus equates to a $1,177 prize for the Baltimore County gas station.