Baltimore County Winner Plans to Leave a Legacy to His Children

Finds $1 million top prize playing Hot 777 scratch-off

It’s been a pretty lucky week for a Catonsville man. A fan of scratch-offs, he won prizes on three instant tickets on his way home from work late Wednesday afternoon. One of the three prizes turned him into a millionaire!

The Baltimore County resident left work and stopped at a liquor store for some scratch-off fun. He purchased a few games and was thrilled to win $500 on one of them. After scanning the instant ticket, he presented it to the cashier. When that business could not cash the winning scratch-off, the lucky player simply went next door to the 40 West Shell gas station where he claimed his $500 prize.

Feeling excited, the scratch-off fan purchased two more games, including a $20 Hot 777 instant ticket. He played them both in the store. One game delivered a $50 prize and, to his astonishment, the Hot 777 game produced a whopping $1 million windfall.

“I was really in shock,” said the winner. “I mean, this is truly a miracle.”

The father of four adult children immediately put his $1 million winning instant ticket away and raced home. He called one of his daughters to share the good news, but waited to tell his wife in person.

“When she came home, I was there, serious, on the couch and I told her to sit down because I needed to tell her something,” he said, smiling.

“I honestly thought there was a death in the family, the way he looked,” said the winner’s wife. She accompanied her husband to claim the big prize. “And when he said he won $1 million, I just got so emotional.”

The shocked wife told Lottery officials that the win, “could not have happened to a better guy.”

The couple, who are also grandparents, explained how life has been a struggle for many over the years and their plan is to use the winnings to help their children. “We can sleep at night knowing that we can leave our children a legacy and not baggage,” they said.

The couple also let out a sigh of relief, explaining how good it feels that they can pay off their bills, too. The rest of the winnings will go into a savings account.

The lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. For selling a $1 million top-prize winning scratch-off, 40 West Shell located at 700 North Rolling Road in Catonsville earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The Hot 777 scratch-off still has lots of prizes to deliver. Players can keep their eyes open for three more $1,000,000 top prizes, four $50,000 prizes, 109 $10,000 prizes and many others ranging from $20 to $5,000.