Rose Gold Black Scratch-off Winner Enjoys Rosy Outlook

Claims $50,000 second-tier prize on Lottery’s $30 game

A Bowie man is seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses after finding a winning Rose Gold Black instant ticket. He won $50,000!

The lucky retiree, who is a regular scratch-off player, purchased the game during a routine stop at a Mitchellville general store. The 63-year-old scratched off the $30 instant ticket and scanned it at the counter. When the scanner flashed a congratulations message and his prize amount, the winner said he had to look again. His scratch-off contained a winning gold bar emblem and, underneath, the $50,000 prize.

The retired State of Maryland worker said the $50,000 prize makes the future look rosy. The windfall will help him purchase a car and pay off some bills.

“This will help me take care of business, do the things I need to do and get ahead in my life,” said the winner.

His lucky Lottery retailer was D&S General Store located at 3507 Enterprise Road in Mitchellville.

The Rose Gold Black scratch-off game went on sale in February 2020 and offers players 41 chances to win prizes of $30 to $2 million. With the Prince George’s County resident’s win, the Rose Gold Black scratch-off now has two $50,000 prizes remaining along with two $2 million top prizes.