Bingo Scratch-off Delivers $50,000 Prize to St. Mary’s Mom

Happy player scores big win on $20 game

A Lottery fan from Southern Maryland was at one of her favorite retailers, playing her lucky numbers in Pick 5, when she decided to give the $20 Bonus Bingo X20 game a try.

“I was looking at the scratch-offs,” she said, “and I looked at the bingo ticket and I said to myself, ‘Let me buy one.’”

When she didn’t win, the persistent player bought a second Bonus Bingo X20 scratch-off at the California retailer and enjoyed a very different result. While she didn’t reveal one of the game’s $500,000 top prizes, the St. Mary’s County mother of one did land a $50,000 prize.

“I was shocked,” she recalled. “I said to myself, ‘Is this right?’” No other customers were in Wildewood Wine & Spirits at 23415 Three Notch Road at that moment so she asked the store clerk for help. The clerk confirmed the win and she went home to show the instant ticket to her son, who also verified her $50,000 prize.

The happy winner plans to pay bills with her newfound fortune and put the rest of the money into her savings account. A food service supervisor for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, the winner said news of her big win spread fast among her co-workers. “I told a few people and they already broadcast it,” she said, smiling.

The Bonus Bingo X20 game is still packed with prizes even though the instant ticket went on sale in August 2020. There are four unclaimed $500,000 top prizes remaining along with two more unclaimed $50,000 winning tickets and 58 unclaimed $10,000 winners.