Silver Spring Shopper Leaves Grocery $50,000 Richer

Becomes third top-prize winner on Cash Boom scratch-off

A Montgomery County man made a profit on a trip to a local Giant, winning a $50,000 top prize on a Cash Boom scratch-off.

Our winner chose to remain anonymous and use the nickname “Nikko” to tell the story of his big win. He found his lucky instant ticket at Giant #301 in Silver Spring. “Nikko” was picking up items for dinner with his wife, he told Lottery officials, and followed his weekly routine of buying Lottery scratch-offs. He selected four of the $5 “Cash Boom” scratch-offs.

The winner and his wife play scratch-offs together and enjoy experiencing the “rush you get from winning,” “Nikko” said. The first two instant tickets were non-winners while the third one revealed a $10 prize. He saved the last one for his wife to scratch off, believing she brings him good luck.

“Mrs. Nikko” scratched the instant ticket and, initially, they both thought it was a non-winner. He scanned all four scratch-offs to verify the winners and non-winners and the game he thought wasn’t a winner carried the $50,000 top prize.

“I play all of the time,” the lucky player said. “I wasn’t that surprised that I had won, but by the amount! My wife and I were speechless and still don’t believe this is our reality.”

“Nikko” is still thinking about how to spend his windfall. When he sat down with his wife and asked how she would like to enjoy the funds, “Mrs. Nikko” suggested sending money to her family in Southeast Asia. The two also intend to pay bills. “Nikko” said if there are funds left over, he would like to repaint his vehicle.

Giant #301 at 13781 Connecticut Avenue in Silver Spring will receive a bonus of $500 from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning instant ticket. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.

His lucky win is the second since the Cash Boom game went on sale Sept. 18. Six top prizes remain unclaimed along with eight $5,000 prizes and others ranging from $10 to $1,000. Cash Boom is popular with players, too, and currently ranked 16th on the Lottery’s Top 40 Scratch-offs roster.