Singing Bad Lyrics Leads Lucky Lady to $50,000 Prize

This Bryans Road winner is singing a happy tune after botched song lyrics led to her $50,000 Pick 5 prize. 

Flem Flam wins big playing Pick 5 

Her brush with Lottery luck began while trying to sing an old Prince song – “777-9311” – and struggling with the lyrics. The Bryans Road resident was filling out Pick 5 tickets for the week while having fun and playing with her grandchildren. 

Stumped by the numbers in the song’s lyrics, she did some on-the-spot improv and made up her own numbers. The loyal Lottery player was already partial to 7s and 1s and decided to play 77131 from her incorrect lyrics as a Pick 5 $1 straight bet. Now, she totes a $50,000 prize.  

The 66-year-old visited Bryans Road Liquors located at 3105 Marshall Hall Road in Bryans Road to place her wager. She played 77131 for 10 midday and evening drawings. 

“Flem Flam,” a nickname the player chose to remain anonymous, recalls that she was watching television with her husband one night when she suddenly decided to leave the room and check her ticket. After pulling up the “winning numbers” section in the Lottery mobile phone app and realizing she won, “Flem Flam” thought to herself, who needs to have the correct lyrics when you have the correct Pick 5 numbers for a $50,000 win!  

“Flem Flam” calmly celebrated and then shared her great news with her husband. When asked of her plans for the prize, the Charles County resident said she will share it with family members. She is retired from the Metro after 35 years of service and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and visiting casinos.  

Her lucky retailer, Bryans Road Liquors, will receive a $500 bonus for its role in selling a winning Pick 5 ticket worth $50,000. She won the 39th $50,000 Pick 5 prize this year.