St. Mary’s County Player Hits FAST PLAY for $124,754 Progressive Jackpot

Playing ‘just for fun’ turns even more fun with big win

Playing the Maryland Lottery is “just for fun” for a St. Mary’s County woman, who enjoys a variety of games. Winning $124,754 on a $5 FAST PLAY game increased the fun substantially.

“I don’t have any vices,” she said on Oct. 27 while claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The lucky lady won the progressive jackpot on a World Championship Poker ticket she bought Oct. 22 at Pals Liquor and Gas in Leonardtown.

She elaborated on her interest in playing, saying that the possibility of winning money is a big part of what makes the Lottery fun. She has won before, but never a six- or even five-digit prize.

“My biggest (prize) before was $5,000 on a straight Pick 4,” she said. The avid player is a big fan of the Pick games as well as scratch-offs, FAST PLAY, and Multi-Match. Meanwhile, she says she isn’t much on playing the multistate rolling jackpot games, Mega Millions and Powerball, because the odds are too long for her taste.

With her winnings, the happy woman anticipates making some upgrades to her home, making a few repairs to her car and getting her finances square. And, she’ll be celebrating with a nice dinner, one that likely will feature a healthy helping of seafood.

Pals Liquor and Gas located at 25965 Point Lookout Road receives a Lottery bonus of $1,000 for selling a jackpot-winning FAST PLAY ticket worth more than $100,000.

The winner’s jackpot score was the last one in the World Championship Poker game, which closed after she bought the final winning ticket.