Stranger’s Wish, Unique Numbers Lead to $50,000 Powerball Prize

A Harford County woman is $50,000 richer after a quick-pick ticket delivered a third-tier Powerball prize.

Lucky Harford County resident notes ‘Miracles Happen’

Was it a coincidence or something more? A resident said she received a wish from a stranger while buying a quick-pick Powerball ticket and then won $50,000. The astonished Harford County resident, who says “Miracles happen,” selected that observation as her nickname to tell the story of her September Lottery luck.

The 59-year-old was in line at a Bel Air Wawa, purchasing a ticket for the Sept. 2 drawing, when another person walked by with a message. That person wished “Miracles Happen” well and then said they hoped she would win one million dollars. “Miracles Happen” then bought her ticket. She noticed the uniqueness of some numbers on the $10 five-line ticket.

“I remember seeing the first line and it was odd that the numbers were so high. That is all that I remember,” recalled the big winner.

The next day, “Miracles Happen” checked her ticket at home and the unique first line of numbers was the lucky winning line. She had 25, 38, 59, 66 and 67 with the Powerball of 19. The winning number that she needed to claim the full jackpot was 42 instead of 59. The lucky lady, who lives in a small town near Bel Air, said she is very grateful for the prize and thankful for the person who wished her a million-dollar win.

‘It wasn’t quite a million but I will take it,” she said with a smile.

“Miracles Happen” plans to use the $50,000 third-tier prize to pay bills and help fund her retirement. Her lucky Lottery retailer also gains bragging rights to the big sale. She visited Wawa #586 at 601 Hoagie Drive in Bel Air to make the lucky purchase.

Our winner gets another chance to aim for the full jackpot this Saturday and so do you. The jackpot for the Saturday, Sept. 16 drawing has an estimated annuity of $596 million and an estimated cash option of $288.2 million. This is the third time in 2023 the jackpot has topped half a billion dollars.