Talbot County Grandma Triple Checks $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Player claims top prize in Power 5s game

An Eastern Shore scratch-off fan said she was “shocked” when she landed her biggest prize to date on a Power 5s scratch-off that she bought at a Caroline County gas station.

The Talbot County resident had completed her grocery shopping at one store and stopped at Denton Shell to buy a few scratch-offs to play. The 64-year-old tried her luck with two $10 games and also selected a Power 5s scratch-off.

She revealed the prize check area on the $5 game, scanned it with the store ticket checker and couldn’t believe her eyes. Had she really won $50,000? She carefully examined the game in the store and added up 10 $5,000 prizes in the play area, but was still in doubt that the big win was real. The mother of two and grandmother of two then rescanned the instant ticket one more time, got the same winning message, and quietly left the business for home.

She texted a photo of the winning scratch-off to her husband, who was still at work, and he shared her doubts. It wasn’t until he got home and took a closer look at the scratch-off that the reality of the $50,000 win began sinking in. Living in a small town and wanting to keep news of her $50,000 prize private, the anonymous winner said she hasn’t shared the story of her Lottery luck with anyone other than her husband.

“I still can’t believe it,” said the lucky lady, who plans to pay bills with her prize.

For its role in selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, Denton Shell, located at 1101 Shore Highway in Denton earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The Power 5s game went on sale in November 2021 with eight top prizes of $50,000 and 15 second-tier prizes of $5,000. Each game offers 20 chances to win prizes ranging from $5 to $50,000.