Taxi Driver Forgot About his $50,000 Lottery Prize – On Purpose

Wins in Nov. 13 Bonus Match 5 drawing

A Silver Spring resident and long-time Lottery player was more than happy last week to travel far from the neighborhoods he regularly serves as a taxi driver. It wasn’t a distant fare that brought him to Baltimore, however, but a $50,000 top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket that he intentionally erased from his memory.

“The key is not to think about it,” the Montgomery County man told Lottery officials when asked about his win. “Whenever I imagine how it will feel to win and what I’ll do with the money, I never seem to win.”

He admits that battling the temptation to daydream about winning isn’t easy. “I won’t say that I win every time I manage to do it, but nearly every time I can put a ticket out of my thoughts, I bring home cash.”

Such was the case with a $4 ticket he bought three weeks ago from Party Time Beer & Wine in Silver Spring. The lucky player notes that Bonus Match 5 is his favorite Lottery game and one that often rewards his unusual technique. “I do really well with it, but nothing like this!”

When he discovered the $50,000 prize in the Nov. 13 drawing, the loyal player said it was the biggest surprise of his life. “I always tried not to think about it, of course, but when I did, I imagined that I’d jump for joy. Instead, I just stood there, completely frozen.”

The driver and his wife will dedicate their Bonus Match 5 winnings to their children’s future, mostly for their education. “There will be plenty of fun, family stuff, too,” he said.

Party Time Beer & Wine also wins. Management of the store at 11443 Georgia Avenue will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning ticket.