That’s Not a Glitch! Player’s Mobile App is Correct about $50,000 Win

Following her boyfriend’s advice, “Olney Winner” buys Maryland Lottery tickets on occasion and recently won $50,000 playing Powerball.

Olney woman claims Powerball prize, thanks to boyfriend’s advice

Her boyfriend lives in a state that does not have a lottery, so he encourages her to play games in Maryland. She did, which is how the lucky lady hit Powerball for $50,000 and took the nickname “Olney Winner” to tell her tale.

“He always says, ‘Just play. It’s only a couple of bucks,’” the Montgomery County player said this week when she claimed her prize.

Following her boyfriend’s advice, she picked up a ticket with five Powerball quick-pick numbers at Weis Markets, located at 9270 All Saints Road in Laurel. “Olney Winner” stashed the $10 ticket in her purse and the Saturday, April 20 drawing came and went. On Monday, April 22, she was going through her purse at work, found the ticket and scanned it using the Maryland Lottery app on her phone.

“I thought, ‘This has to be a glitch. No way,’” “Olney Winner” recounted. She immediately called her mom, who also scanned the ticket and confirmed the third-tier win.

With the extra money, the happy mom plans to take her daughter on a vacation and shore up her finances.

Meanwhile, “Olney Winner” plans to keep following her boyfriend’s advice and buy Lottery tickets when the mood strikes because you never know when you might win.

No one hit the Powerball jackpot, which rolled to an estimated annuity of $129 million for the April 24 drawing with an estimated cash option of $59.6 million.